Dzine Unlimited can now provide glass of any shape, color and virtually any size and configuration including laminated and tempered for your project or product.

Leveraging Mr. Lamastra’s 27 years of experience in the glass fabrication industry with projects and products of every kind, Dzine Unlimited can deliver one or one hundred or more glass panels of any specification.

Beginning with a drawing, data from any platform, tool or mock-up, glass panels for any phase of project including proof of concept, concept, prototype or production can be delivered.


Inspection fixtures, scanning or manual or computerized measurement ensures accuracy to design requirements. With true “class A highlights”, chemical strengthening capability and high optical quality flat tempered glass, Dzine Unlimited is the complete glass product solution.

With decades of fabrication experience, the veteran team currently at Dzine Unlimited has delivered glass projects for companies the world over including the most forward looking concept cars, demanding architectural installations, safety critical public transportation vehicles, tight tolerance aerospace components and exciting private party automobiles.

Acura Precision Glass – Case Study