Acura Precision Glass – Case Study

Automotive designers continue to push boundaries with design and materials. On the stunning Precision concept, the Acura design team incorporated design features that flowed into actual glass of the greenhouse. Dzine Unlimited developed technology to achieve the innovative proposal as exhibited on the backlite. Coupled with Dzine Unlimited’s “Perfect Hilite” technology, the results were phenomenal and the vehicle made a dramatic appearance on the green of Pebble Beach.

Acura Acura

Electrically Assisted Drivetrain Vehicle

Eight passenger front wheel drive internal combustion engine with parallel plug-in electrical propulsion system to provide substantially increased average fuel economy, all-wheel drive stability, enhanced performance and increased overall range.

Integrated 24kWh storage module delivers 45 miles of electric only range with the ease of plug-in charging. Horsepower and torque are significantly increased to deliver more responsive performance including faster acceleration.