Professional designers lead the process to realize ideas of every kind using multiple methods and tools including sketching, CAD drawing, photo real rendering and maquettes. This first communication of the design intent is key to successful project execution. Accurate and detailed design direction drives the subsequent processes to achieve the desired exceptional result.


The engineering team at Dzine Unlimited brings decades of experience across many major industries including automotive, architectural, aerospace, medical device, entertainment and defense to every project. This vast cross-disciplinary skill set facilitates our unique band of ingenuity and the most innovative solution generation. Coupled with advanced visualization and modeling techniques, in-house fabrication and prototyping, and a wide network of specialty vendors, extremely rapid development cycles can be achieved.


Robust, well developed planning is vital to every project from the smallest consumer device to the largest integrated system. Driving the project to the plan using industry proven tools and techniques ensures timely and efficient delivery at the correct level of quality. Regular monitoring and reporting facilitates a high degree of confidence in success while recovery methods including fast tracking and crashing mitigate unforeseen risks.
In addition to controlling in-house projects, Dzine Unlimited offers Project Management expertise as a stand-alone service.